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Let's work together

Starting with clever circuit boards with miniature fuses to upgrade electrical safety in historic installations up to advanced decentralized control systems with a host of new possibilities – we are in business to support your projects.

The demise of Laukhuff was a blow to all of us. As a small network of dedicated professionals, set out to rethink.

Working with the original developers we 
recreated the innovative noiseless 
intelligent slider magnet,
 built with the original solenoid and
 significant improvements, dubbed the S1.1.

We manufacture the traditional swell shade driver in its massive oak housing, based on parts from the Weikersheim workshops paired with the smartest control unit ever.

We continue to supply and support 
our revolutionary, contact-less
 Espressivo action system,
 expanding the concept
 with innovative dynamic valve control 
through decentralized wind chest modules
 you can program yourself.
Our online shop stocks some popular 
Laukhuff-electronics while supply lasts, such as slider solenoid control circuits and amplifier boards.
 We also gear up to produce new batches
 according to your needs.

Over the years, we have developed
 some smart tools for our craft
 we think you might need, too.

We supply stop tabs manufactured on original Laukhuff tools with optimized processes. In the future, we will release new designs using modern moulding methods to produce even moderate quantities economically.

All offered electrical and electronic components are intended for use in organ building. According to the exemptions from the RoHS regulations for organ building, the RoHS conformity of the offered components is not implied or guaranteed.
The components are intended exclusively for permanent installation by qualified personnel and do not fall under the scope of the WEEE-directives (German ElektroG to §2, para. 2). They are not WEEE-registered, the professional disposal is the responsibility of the user.
The use of solder containing lead cannot be excluded, especially in the case of offered stocks of older components or spare parts for existing equipment.