A robust Ethernet is the backbone of the Espressivo system.

To accomplish this, we offer selected components with a good price-performance ratio. We advise against cheap no-name components. Any savings are quickly lost if malfunctions require another trip to the organ and troubleshooting spoils the enjoyment of the instrument for everyone involved.

When it comes to network cables, we rely on highly flexible versions from the Swiss manufacturer Dätwyler. The cables of the "Flex" series are comparatively thin and highly flexible. They are particularly suitable for installation in keyboards, consoles and cable ducts. They are suitable for connections between Espressivo manual sensors and the master module, as well as for the data network between the Espressivo system and organ control electronics or windchest modules.

For the distribution of the data lines, Ethernet switches in industrial DIN rail housings are usually used in control systems. Unfortunately, these are currently hard to get, and especially for switches with many ports, the supply is very limited.

As an alternative, we have tested switches with 8 and 12 ports from Netgear and tp-Link and identified suitable devices. We sell the switches in a package with a high-quality DC/DC converter. This has a wide input range of 9-36V and the matching connection cable with a practical angled plug. This way, you can mount the switches at any place in the organ and supply it with organ voltage.

You don't need an electrician to mount sockets for the usual wall power supplies ("wall warts"). We thus also support you in the safety initiative to avoid unnecessary 230V installations in the organ as far as possible.


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