FSB Orgelbau & Elektrotechnik GmbH (Forster-Straßer-Bayer) is a partner of the Orgelpunkt network.

Stefan Straßer - probably the only organ builder who graduated as an electrical engineer before his organ builder apprenticeship - has been particularly involved in rescuing the electronic products from the Laukhuff insolvency.

FSB will continue producing and developing some indispensable classics of the Laukhuff catalogue, such as playing aid and coupling circuits. As specialists in the electrotechnical refurbishment of historic organs, FSB offers components such as amplifier circuits and circuit boards for single key fusing. As passionate organ builders, the colleagues take care of the assembly of the proven Laukhuff swell motor with original parts and its further development.

The FSB company manufactures consoles according to customer designs, rebuilds existing consoles and takes care of the restoration of electric, pneumatic and mechanical consoles and their casings.

In addition, they also manufacture electrically operated percussion stops (carillon, vibraphones with single tone damping, tubular glockenspiels, celestas with and without single tone damping and electronically controlled Cimbelsterns).

We will be continuously adding to the range in this category throughout the year. Let us know if you are looking for special items.


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