Switching power supplies


Switching power supplies are the modern alternative to classic transformer power supplies ("rectifiers"). They have significantly smaller size and weight, and they can easily be combined into power supplies with total currents from 10A up to several hundred amperes by simply mounting appropriate modules on DIN rails.

Switching power supplies deliver stable voltages and effectively filter out fluctuations on the primary side - an important prerequisite for the trouble-free operation of electronic capture systems.

Here we offer only high-quality industrial power supplies whose service life, according to the manufacturer, is over 500,000 operating hours. Many models have a "Powerboost" feature, a dynamic power reserve that is capable to supply up to twice the nominal current for five seconds. This means that even a sparingly dimensioned power supply has enough capacity when the organist energises all the slider magnets by hitting the tutti button.

Note that power supplies are available with 3-phase input as well as 1-phase mains supply.

Identical modules can be connected in parallel to increase the total current. The combination of modules enables us to build customised power supplies for any type of organ. Instead of handling monstrous rectifiers of 200A and more and the correspondingly enormous cable diameters in large organs, it makes sense to design manageable sub-circuits from the start and supply them with suitable power supply groups.

Have the primary mains supply protected by the electrician with characteristic B circuit breakers.

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